The Lion And The Unicorn

London, 2054. After a devastating global pandemic and a bloody revolution, Britain’s new government imposes peace by stringently dictating the nation’s cultural intake. In the quest to create better citizens, everything from the television we watch to the clothes we wear is strictly policed. 

As part of the unit tasked with upholding these so-called ‘Bad Taste Laws’, H. and his partner, Bagby, have their work cut out. 

When former reality TV star Caleb Jennings is found murdered, H. must navigate a Britain in which paranoia and suspicion are rife and begins to question his loyalty to the state at a time when national stability couldn’t be more precarious. 

'An inventive, vivid and assured debut'  Alison Moore, author of The Retreat 

'A brilliantly inventive spin on the police procedural which shines an uneasy spotlight onto an all too imaginable near-future. Five stars.'  Lucie McKnight Hardy, author of Water Shall Refuse Them 

'A gruelling tale of dodgy cops, invasive tech and dictatorship sold as freedom. This Britain feels just over the horizon if not already forming in the threads of Westminster WhatsApp groups, or the fine print of legalese that regular people don’t get to see. The Lion and the Unicorn is gritty, violent and meticulously realised; a vision of British dystopia that feels far too close for comfort.'  Harry Gallon, author of Small Rivers

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