Inside the DIY Movement to Fight Coastal Erosion
Farmer and activist David Cottrell’s innovative answer to coastal erosion has slowed the decline of “Washaway Beach” and sparked a movement across the US and Europe.

A Photographer’s Quest to Shoot Congo’s Deadliest Volcano
Rebel skirmishes, global politics, and a caustic atmosphere are just some of the obstacles in Christopher Horsley’s mission to capture life-saving visuals. 

Inside the slimy underground hunt for humanity's antibiotic saviour
Faced with an onslaught of new, drug-resistant superbugs, determined scientists are venturing into the depths of the Earth in search of rare and unusual bacteria that may form the basis of tomorrow’s antibiotics

The fight for quiet in a world full of noise pollution
Quiet Parks International wants to protect natural environments from manmade noise

Inside the daring mission to reach the bottom of all Earth’s oceans

Victor Vescovo wanted to be the first person to reach the deepest points of all five oceans – but first he had to build a submarine that was up to it

A mysterious death, a genetic clue and the lifelong quest for answers

For patients in the grip of rare and potentially life-ending conditions that mystify one doctor after another, there is new hope: the collaborative sleuthing of the Undiagnosed Diseases Network

Rats took over this Pacific island. Now drones are leading the fightback
Rats have colonised remote islands to the detriment of pretty much everything else in the ecosystem, but bait-slinging drones could spell their demise

What Charles the ‘Activist King’ Means for the Climate
With a long record of environmental campaigning as the Prince of Wales, how will King Charles III’s accession to the throne translate to public policies?

The smell of dead sharks is helping to keep surfers safe from attack
Humans kill around 11,417 sharks every hour. An artificial scent that keeps the animals away from people is saving the lives of both species

Science has a new tool in the fight against climate change: good data
A European network of carbon monitoring stations is using new approach to data capture that may be the key to reversing the climate crisis

The mind behind Minority Report is giving PowerPoint a sci-fi overhaul
John Underkoffler made a career out of dreaming up wild human-computer interfaces for Hollywood movies – until real-world businesses asked if he could actually build them

Inside the film studio bringing Earth's extremes to virtual reality
Anthony Geffen has brought viewers inside Stephen Hawking's mind and is a veteran of David Attenborough documentaries. His next project is going to Earth's deepest points and Netflix, Apple and Amazon are interested

Inside the endless fight to kill the $1 trillion match-fixing industry
Illegal sports betting is big business for match-fixing gangs. Until recently, the police were powerless to stop them. But now sports analysts are fighting back. Their weapon? Data

The US Air Force Is Moving Fast on AI-Piloted Fighter Jets

After successful autonomous flight tests in December, the military is ramping up its plans to bring artificial intelligence to the skies.

Energy Drinks Are Out of Control
Highly caffeinated drinks have become a cultural staple. But following a death allegedly related to Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade, has our collective obsession with energy drinks become unsafe?


From COVID-19 quarantine to Brexit stockpiling: the British ‘preppers’ who saw trouble coming
Often stereotyped as fringe groups, the UK’s prepping community found a grim vindication in the year of COVID-19 – and the current fear of supply chaos post-Brexit.


A Race Across the Driest Place on Earth
The Speed Project underground relay—traditionally run from Los Angeles to Las Vegas—spread its wings this year, going bigger and harder across Chile’s brutal Atacama Desert


With Cormac McCarthy, the beauty was hidden in the muck
Renowned for his violent tales of outlaws and criminals, the giant of American fiction, who died this week, often revealed a tender side into his peerless prose

Denim Hunter Brit Eaton Is the Indiana Jones of Old Jeans
The salvager of long-buried pants risks his life to give relics of the Old West a second shot

How Ukraine's best coffee maker joined the fight against Russia
Vadym Granovskiy, the owner of Kyiv’s favourite coffee shop, is putting his life on the line to deliver caffeine to soldiers on the front line

The Amazing Life Of The Man Who Breeds Falcons For Gulf Royals

Hype: Mary Earps’s big save
Two years ago, Mary Earps’s football career was over. In a remarkable resurgence, she’s now helped England win the Euros, igniting a national obsession with women’s football in the process. As she prepares for this summer’s World Cup, she’s determined not to waste a second of her extra time

Hype: Lando Norris is coming in hot
The nicest guy in Formula 1 and the breakout star of Drive To Survive has sped through the youth ranks to lead a team as McLaren’s new first driver. Can he take pole?


US Sumo Open competitors share their views on the changing face of sumo, as it grows in global appeal.

Lazarus Lake is a retired accountant from the USA’s Deep South who became a maverick of trail running after pioneering The Barkley Marathons – here's why the event earned him legendary sadist status.

Once a year – during a brief break in the snow – the cream of Greenland's footballers gather to compete in Grønlandsbanken Final 6, the country’s only annual tournament.

Unsanctioned, unhinged, underground and off the grid – this is The Speed Project, a running relay race that few know about, fewer compete in and no entrant ever forgets.


They’re one of the world’s foremost disaster relief organisations, dropping into danger zones to help society’s most vulnerable. Here’s how a team of military veterans formed Team Rubicon.

Luke Shepardson Is Riding The Wave
How the 27-year-old unsponsored lifeguard claimed victory in surfing’s biggest event – the Eddie Aikau – on his lunch break


The Fruit Collector
From the jungles of South America to Sumatra, Alan Carle has braved tigers, malaria and civil war in pursuit of the planet's rarest fruits

How New York’s Most Exciting Unsanctioned Race Took Over The Country 
After tiring of run-of-the-mill racing, Darcy Budworth started Take The Bridge, an unsanctioned running event that’s captured the imagination of pros and amateurs alike

Happy 125th Birthday, Hemingway
We celebrated the legendary writer's milestone with a pilgrimage to his Key West address

Behind the Scenes at Tom Brady’s Powerboat Team
Brady's post-retirement empire boasts a curious new addition: an international, all-electric boat-racing squad.

How To Adventure Series
Field notes from some of the finest academic experts, modern explorers and endurance athletes in the world.


'Blade Runner' at 40: Why the Ridley Scott Masterpiece is Still the Greatest Sci-Fi of All-Time
This 1982 replicant hunting classic remains the benchmark for everything that came after

Why You Need to Watch 'Italianamerican', Martin Scorsese's Forgotten Family Doc
Bickering in their Little Italy apartment, the director's intimate portrayal of his parents' home life is still a joy almost fifty years later

A Decade On, Does 'Peaky Blinders' Really Deserve Classic Status?
The period drama grew into a transatlantic hit for the BBC, frequently held up as one of the best British TV shows ever

The Wolf of Wall Street’s “I’m Not Leaving” Scene Is Just as Powerful a Decade On
Martin Scorsese’s exploration of corporate greed celebrates 10 years on December 25. DiCaprio’s performance – and the film’s warning – has proven ever more prescient

Backstage With Blink 182
Mark Hoppus talks life lessons, new songs and where to find the best Mexican food in the world

15 Years on, No Country for Old Men’s Chase Scene Is Still a Masterclass in Suspense
Dark, wet, cold and claustrophobic, there are few movies that can compete

20 Years Ago, Cillian Murphy Proved His Leading Man Credentials in '28 Days Later'
The 'Oppenheimer' actor demonstrated a mastery of his craft long before Christopher Nolan gave him top billing

15 Years On, 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Demands a Rewatch
We didn’t love it when it came out, but with Dial of Destiny in cinemas this June, the fourth entry in the adventure series deserves some appreciation

10 Years on, 'The Place Beyond the Pines' Is Still Ryan Gosling’s Most Striking Performance
It isn’t the biggest film of his career, but with plenty of grounded drama to chew on, the 2013 crime caper provides Gosling with his richest material to date

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Most Overlooked, Underrated Film Just Turned 10
A decade on from its release, The Master is due a critical reappraisal

15 Years on, 'The Wrestler' Is Darren Aronofsky’s Ultimate Portrayal of Broken Masculinity
As The Whale soaks up awards, we look back at the director’s 2008 mediation on how we navigate life’s disappointments

Ten Years on, the Next Bond Film Has a Lot to Learn From 'Skyfall'
As speculation around the next 007 heats up, here’s why Craig's third outing is still the film to beat

Why 'Diamonds Are Forever' Is the Most Underrated James Bond Movie of All-Time
Sean Connery’s 1971 outing is unfairly maligned as one of the Bond series’ worst. Here’s why it’s actually one of the very best

Brad Pitt's Best Film is 15 Years Old
Fight Club? Inglourious Basterds? They don't hold a candle to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Ten Years on, 'Looper' Is Still the Best Time Travel Film Ever Made

Director Rian Johnson keeps things simple

How Has the Unstoppable Rise of Streaming Platforms Impacted Film? We Asked the Experts

Does having everything at the touch of a button actually inspire creativity, and what does the endless wave of content mean for representation in the type of stories we tell?

25 Years Ago, Vin Diesel Delivered His Best Ever Work In 'Saving Private Ryan'
As Fast X revs up to crash into a cinema near you, we look back at Vin Diesel’s most impactful on-screen work

'Edge of Tomorrow' is the Tom Cruise Action Classic 'Mission: Impossible' Wishes it Was
Released almost ten years ago, the sci-fi epic did well at the box office and impressed critics. Is it time for a sequel?

25 Years on, Saving Private Ryan’s Opening Scene Remains Cinema's Most Brutal Depiction of War
Steven Spielberg’s Omaha Beach landings are not for the faint of heart. And that’s the point

Thirty Years On, Harrison Ford's 'The Fugitive' Should Be at the Top of Your Rewatch Pile

Forget the fedoras and blaster pistols, because this Nineties classic deserves as much praise as Ford's famous franchises

30 Years on, 'True Romance' Is Still More Stylish Than 'Pulp Fiction'
The Tarantino-penned crime caper lacks the catchphrases, Biblical recitations, and Big Kahuna Burgers of the 1994 classic, but it retains cool in abundance


When Edmund Hillary Went in Search of the Yeti
In 1961, the pursuit of the abominable snowman was still taken seriously.

What Tookoolito Taught Explorers About the Arctic

In the mid-19th century, white ship captains relied on the Inuit woman and her husband to survive the unforgiving conditions of the Northwest Passage.

Annie Londonderry Barely Knew How to Ride a Bike When She Set Off Around the World

The record-setting 19th-century adventure was the result of a bet.

Miss La La Soared Through Europe as the Victorian Era’s Best-Known Aerialist
As a Black woman, the daring circus performer also confronted the racial politics of the times.

Scientist Katia Krafft Stood on the Edge of Active Volcano Craters
The things Krafft and her husband learned getting up close to eruptions advanced volcanology and saved lives.


I Escaped From A Serial Killer

I Fought Off A Mountain Lion


Why Climbing Is Having A Moment

How Ralphie the doggo saved me from the hell of depression


How Merlin Sheldrake fascinated us with fungi
Entangled Life, the bestselling, award-winning examination of how fungi upholds our world, has dazzled readers. We go mushroom-hunting with its author, Merlin Sheldrake.

Why someone reading over your shoulder is so annoying
There's a science behind every bookworm’s pet hate, discovers Tom Ward


How My Sibling’s Transition Has Brought Us Together 

How To Make Friends In Your Thirties

Confused About Becoming A Father? You’re Not Alone

The Completely Selfish Reason Why You Should Start Volunteering Today

How To Stop Envying Your Friends 

The Adult’s Guide To Being Antisocial


MH Investigates the Swole Left
In Brooklyn, a group of maverick weightlifters are attempting to combat political violence

Equal Play: Transgender Athletes Talk Fitness & Fairness
For trans men, the chance to participate in sport and exercise can be critical for mental wellbeing. We asked six of them to share their stories

Big Read: Life tips from Samuel L Jackson
The biggest star in Hollywood talks cussing, cancer and One for the Boys

Why LSD Is Your New Monday Pick-Me-Up
Could microdosing acid be the key to greater productivity? One MH staffer finds out

Does the Insect Protein Trend Have Legs?
If you believe the ecologists, meat is not so much murder as suicide. Persist in eating flesh, they say, and we will run out of land, water and, ultimately, food. But vegetarianism isn't the only answer. Some scientists believe our future stomachs depend on arthropods. MH digs deep to see if the edible insect movement has legs

Could hypnosis change your life?

Hypnosis is gaining ground as an NHS-sanctioned treatment, but is just a quick fix?

Scorched Earth: Fighting Forest Fires with America's Hotshot Crews
The Hotshot Crews are America’s first line of defence against some of the world’s most destructive and deadly forest fires. We signed up to find out what it takes to charge into a blaze against all of your better instincts

Surfing São Tomé: Welcome To The African Surfing Revolution
From the ashes of slavery and bloody revolution, the quiet island idyll of São Tomé is emerging as an untouched surf Eden. MH ventured off the coast of equatorial Africa to meet the men for whom surfing represents an alternate way of life

The Fighting Spirit and Mysticism of Senegalese Wrestlers
Wrestling is Senegal’s historic national sport, which attracts sell-out crowds and shuts down cities with ease. We take a ringside seat to find out more

White Knights: Chamonix's Elite Mountain Rescue Service
MH take a trip to discover what it takes to save lives

Welcome to Epic Israel, the Biblical 260km Mountain Bike Race
MH travelled to the hills of Galilee and witnessed a contest of biblical proportions

What Drives Alex Honnold, The Only Man to Free-solo El Capitan?

Alex Honnold scales mountain cliffs without a rope or harness. It may seem like madness, but he has simply learned how to transcend fear

Why I Climbed Mt. Everest Twice in a Week
We meet Kilian Jornet, the mountain record breaker

Why Your Old Man Matters
Spending quality time with dad might just have a lasting effect on you both

IVF Success Rates Have Never Been Higher. But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy
One in six people globally are affected by infertility. But treatment remains a lonely journey – as the men we spoke to know well

Why our expert panel are pushing for mental health reform
Professor Green, Ricky Hatton and more think we need to #MendTheGap and push for change

Mental Health in Sport Is Finally Having Its Moment
Tokyo 2020 will always be remembered as the Games where stars such as Simone Biles had to step back from their sports to protect their mental wellbeing. Now, other athletes who’ve wrestled with declining mental health, as well as the sports psychologists and performance coaches they work with, tell Men's Health about the unique pressures of elite-level sport and explain what can be done to make sure athletes thrive personally, as well as professionally

Is Excessive Fitness Stopping Some Men from Having Kids?
With male infertility rates on the rise, we take a look at the role fitness plays on sperm counts and speak candidly with MH Elite Coach Faisal Abdalla about he and his partner's struggle to conceive


Tom DeLonge talks space travel and the next Blink album
To mark the release of his remarkable new album The Dream Walker with Angels & Airwaves, Tom DeLonge discusses visiting Area 51, the next step for Blink 182 and why precisely he brought back the giant flaming 'Fuck'.


Meet the cocaine warlord fighting to protect the Amazon
FARC leader, drug smuggler and local kingpin Iván Mordisco’s murky morals are temporarily halting deforestation in the remote reaches of the Colombian rainforest

Inside the new dinosaurs wars
Fossils have become a hot new asset class — but while dino-hunters get rich, scientists are getting irate, says Tom Ward

Where on earth is Jan Marsalek? On the trail of the world’s most wanted white collar criminal
His fintech company Wirecard was valued at €24 billion — until it all fell apart, and the COO disappeared. Now, however, fresh evidence draws the net tighter...

Money for nothing: the true story of the world’s biggest ever crypto heist
An online thief made history recently by stealing $610 million in cryptocurrency. Then they gave half of it back. Why?

Enter the Metaverse
Inside Facebook’s pivot to the creation of the Metaverse. What does this mean for the future of the company — and is it just a ploy to distract us from its shady dealings?

Inside the Facebook whistleblower saga
A scorching series of revelations has cast Facebook’s murky dealings and corporate failings into the light. Is it finally the end of the road for the social network?

The Blair Necessities: Inside Tony’s personal empire
With calls for the former Labour leader to be stripped of his recent knighthood, we take a look at his business dealings post-office

Murdoch: the final chapter
As the divisive media mogul celebrates his 90th birthday, Tom Ward takes a look at the Succession-style legacy wranglings dogging his twilight years

Multi-billionaires by 30 — the rise and rise of the Collison Brothers
Six years ago Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison were sharing a pokey flat. Last week, their company Stripe was valued at $95 billion

The Big Short part two: How an online hero is taking on Wall Street’s most infamous short seller
Catherine Wood hugely successful Ark Investment fund has hit rocky water. As the shorters gather, we ask: what’s next?

Donald Trump Jr.: Inside the bizarre life of America’s First Son

Donald Trump Jr. took centre-stage at the Republican Convention with a series of bizarre and fiery speeches. But what do we know about the first son of the Trump dynasty?

Branson’s pickle: Is this the end of Virgin as we know it?
The coronavirus crisis hasn’t been kind to the Virgin coffers, or public image. Do Richard Branson’s space-centric ventures hold the key to the company’s future?

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